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Top SEO Tips for Small Business in Belfast

1. Figure out your keywords - we suggest that you begin doing some online research about what keywords are. Once you have a basic understanding of what keywords are, then you can start looking into the keywords that will be likely to work best for your products and services in the Belfast area.

Your best case scenario is that when people in the Belfast area type words and phrases into the Google search box related to your products and services that your website will appear at the top of page 1.

2. Use your keyword research - when you figure out the keywords that will be most valuable for you, then it is time to start using those keywords on your website, social profiles and Google My Business listing.

For example if you are a hairdresser in South Belfast, then "hairdresser - South Belfast" should be front and central on your website.

3. Videos and images - be sure to use relevant, properly labelled videos and images on your website, preferably will titles closely related to your main key words.

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